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All over the English-thinking world, cricket commentators and fans lament the damp and soggy weather that has reduced our beloved game, often wrongly accused of being like watching paint dry, into a game of watching grass dry; blade by tender blade.

But I have glad tidings of great joy for all fans – cricket has not been washed out everywhere.  In our back garden it’s alive and well.

As narrated to our special correspondent by Kitty (aged 1 3/4)

First a little batting stance practice

July 020
Do you like my whites? I don’t understand why more teams don’t have cupcakes on theirs.

Now how about some bowling?July 047
Hmm, lets put some spin on this ball.
July 057
And I’m off …
July 022
…still running up…
July 026
… time to put my masterful throw into action?
July 055
Actually this running is fun…
July 063
Do I throw now? This isn’t how it looks when Dada plays?
July 064
Hee hee – he’ll never hit it now!

I suspect a little more practice might be needed.