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The 10 great things about a lazy Saturday


1. A lie in – until almost 8am!

2. Crumpets for breakfast.
June 1099
3. Nipping into the garden between rain showers to tie up the sweet peas and smell the honeysuckle before they get battered into oblivion by any more thunder storms.
June 1109
4. Watching Kitty play with her Scottish cousins on Skype.

5. Snatching a few moments to knit a couple of rows on a little cardigan that I’m designing for Kitty – I need to get it finished before the model grows out of this size!

6. Eating scrambled egg bagels for lunch – that I didn’t cook or have to wash up.

7. Meeting an artist (Alex Echo) whose work I find completely entrancing at his painting live exhibition at the Leamington Castle Gallery.

8. Finally uploading some of my pictures from the beginning of the week to the computer so that I can start to process them.

9. Gripping tennis matches on the tv.

10. All of us being together all day long.

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