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Family Finished Quilting

The mystery of the disappearing month

I would love to tell tales of strange and wonderful abductions by the wee fairies of the night, of an internet crashed by the workings of malevolent piskies, or simply a deep and unabating crush on a work in progress that rendered me unable to put down the needles and come to the computer, but alas, it is not to be.  There is no real mystery; I had the flu.  Proper, genuine, non-man variety flu. And yes I know it’s June and therefore supposedly not flu season, but if the weather isn’t paying any attention to what it says on the calendar then there’s really no reason why the germs should either.
Anyway suffice to say that I missed the Jubilee, I missed the extra days of bank holiday, and I missed a few days of work.  I was in bed, trying very hard to be asleep.
Before the lurgy hit though I had been spending some quality super top secret time with the sewing machine in a good cause; Mum’s birthday.  She asked for a quilt to match the décor in my old room at home, and well, one out of two isn’t bad – I made a quilt.
June 056
My room at home, that would be cream, sage and autumn red. Not quite a match then.
If the pattern looks at all familiar to those with a good stash of quilting books try looking in Jane Brocket’s Gentle Art of Quilting.  This is my take on the Floral Frocks quilt.  In my younger dressier days, probably around the time of Leaver’s Balls and May Balls, I remember Mum describing a favourite party dress of her own, in pale blue chiffon with floaty skirts, and I took that as the starting point to build my collection of fabrics, a Poole pottery blue with all the flowers of the garden on top and a spotty blue underskirt.
June 058
The blue spot is a Kaffe Fasset spot in China Blue, and the four florals are another Kaffe Fasset, this time Big Blooms in Duck Egg, paired with Amy Butler’s Love Heart 15 and Phillip Jacobs’ Variegated Leaves in Summer, paired with Nel Whatmore’s Happy Go Lucky Fresh 21.

June 067

For the backing I eyed up a few nice tame pretty pinky-blue florals, and then decided to go with my customary bang, and choose something that I love, Phillip Jacobs Japanese Chrysanthemums in Yellow. It isn’t the obvious choice colour wise, but bordered with the small blue dotty binding I think it works, and adds even more pop to a pretty vibrant quilt.
June 060
And just to finish off the floral theme, I machine quilted it all over with a stippling leafy sort of pattern.
All the fabric, and my new favourite quilt wadding (Quilter’s Dream Cotton in Request weight) came from Cotton Patch with the assistance of the lovely shop assistants and one tiny girl who conveniently decided to nap through the selection process.
I’m told it’s currently draped across the bed in my old room, but I hope it’s going to get a few more outings. Mum, that’s a hint – take it into the garden on a sunny day, curl up under it in a hammock – use it, love it, and then machine wash at 40 on your wool wash setting, I promise it will be fine.

The Bare Necessities

Pattern: Floral Frocks by Jane Brocket

Size: Large twin bed

Fabric: A metre of each of the florals and 1.5m of the spot with plenty of floral leftovers.

Time to make: a couple of weeks of intensive sewing

Would I make it again: Yes