Family Finished Kitty Knitting Photography

Model, Kitty’s own


In a seemingly rare burst of sunshine earlier this week, Kitty and I nipped outside to take some photos of my most recently finished knit before our ever so exciting trip to the post office to send it off to Baby C who arrived on Good Friday

I borrowed Teddy to help us out with the photos, and Kitty, who is of course by now a veteran knitwear model, decided to teach him all about posing for the camera.
May 023

“Now then Teddy, are you listening?  What you have to do is this:”
May 015
“When you see Mama with the big black box on her head you run towards her as fast as you can.”

May 039

“Then she backs away from you pressing the buttons on the black box saying funny things like ‘stay in the shot’ and ‘if any of these are in focus it’ll be a minor miracle’.  If you giggle a lot it’s even better.”

May 002
“I think Mama likes that game a lot because we play it all the time when it’s sunny.”

“When you’ve played the chasing game for a long long time and you think you might like a snack or some milk, sit down and do your bestest smile.  You know, the one that makes the big boys and girls say ‘aaa’ and make you scrambly eggs on toast for breakfast.  That’s my favourite thing Bear, if you get some I will eat them for you.”
May 021
“See, this is my bestest smile.  Mama, banana now?”
The knit in question was of course an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket, top of my list of useful and cute baby knits both as a knitter and a Mama.
May 041 
As Baby C arrived a month or so early at a slightly wee weight of 6lb something, I’m sure that a month or so won’t make a difference in the fit; Kitty was wearing hers until she was about 4 months I think, and she had a couple of pounds on him from the start.

  May 036
I just hope he likes ladybirds.

The Bare Necessities

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Size: Newborn
Yarn: Two and a smidge balls of Adrifil Knitcol (a DK weight superwash sock yarn) in colour 053
Needles: 3.25mm Knitpro circs
Alterations: None
Time to make: a month.  I can knit one in a weekend, but the world has been a busy place.
Would I make it again: This was my 11th.  Do I need to answer this one!

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  • Fleur Cotton 05/05/2012 at 9:37 pm

    Love the ladybird buttons so cute!

    I have a giveaway at the moment, so if you have the time pop over to my blog.

    Fleur xx

  • Kylie 06/05/2012 at 9:36 am

    Ah I recognise this cardigan! It looks beautiful, well done!