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Well then friendly peeps, I really didn’t mean to fall off the face of the earth in quite such a dramatic fashion, but sometimes life is for living rather than blogging, and sometimes small cute adorable little girls decide to entirely forgo the need for sleep in favour of announcing to the world the arrival of some new teeth, and their mamas decide to entirely forgo blogging in favour of naps, and trips to the dentist when their own teeth decide to join the merry havoc.

So, in potted summary catch-up style, here’s what the last couple of weeks have held (apart from the aforementioned trips to the dentist).

The weekend of Palm Sunday we headed into Yorkshire to help H’s Mum celebrate a landmark birthday.  Discretion prevents me from naming the age attained, suffice to say that it was a birthday worth celebrating, and she doesn’t look it (do I get my gold star now?).  We brought chocolates, a charm for her bracelet as chosen by Kitty, and, of course, socks:
March 630
The yarn is Opal Hand Dyes ‘Say it With Flowers’ in shade 5123.   it seemed appropriate to deliver some longer lasting blooms in amongst a veritable hot house of pretty posies (Interflora and friends had been very busy!).
March 631
We went out for a delicious celebration supper on the Saturday night with Kitty stealing the show in her best party frock and sparkly red ‘Dorothy’ shoes, out-glamming even her very glamorous auntie (who lost out because her shoes, whilst both red and precarious, were insufficiently sparkly).
April 038
Fast forward a few days, and as H loaded up hockey kit for a tour to Normandy, Kitty and I packed the car to head south for Easter to visit Grannie and Grandpa and the beach.  My hands were a bit too full of little girl to take too many pictures; we went to the beach and made pebble castles, and took Grandpa on an Easter Egg hunt around the Coleton Fishacre garden on Easter Saturday.
April 114
April 107   
(Filling in clues with Grandpa)

I was also completely and utterly knitterly defeated by a baby (not Kitty), when my newest second cousin, teeny tiny wee C, chose to arrive a whole month early (but just in time to make his new Grandpa’s best birthday present ever) on a very Good Friday.  I take some comfort from the fact that he was a whole month early, and is therefore also on the more petite end of baby sizes so the baby surprise which I’ve cast on for him should fit nicely by the time it actually arrives!

We came home late on Easter Sunday and H returned on the Monday and we’ve spent the remainder of the week meeting up with friends, enjoying good food, and trying to get as much sleep as humanly possible before real life starts tomorrow.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

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