In the language of flowers Amaryllis means both ‘radiant beauty’ and ‘pride’.  The radiant beauty is easy to spot; these are not shy retiring little petals, but big shouty extraordinary blooms.  But the pride? I think I’ve worked it out.  You see my three amaryllis have started to get competitive.

No sooner had I finished sharing the scarlet splash of my Rapido, than Blossom Peacock snuck skywards while my back was turned, and I opened the curtains one morning to find a delicious candy stripped floral explosion on the windowsill.  

March 034 

I’m completely fickle I know, but I think this is my new favourite.  It’s just such a lovely mixture of the punchy dark pink, crisp white, and that beautiful feathering on the petals, each vein picked out in a slightly different shade.

March 029 

And then right at the centre, a hint of pale lime green.

March 033 

On a sunny day, we wake up to the light streaming through the petals, and on a grey rainy day like yesterday, they brought a smile to my face as I opened the curtains.

March 020

But do you see the tall centre stem, still in a bud, still tightly curled?  Yes, that one.  Two days later…

 March 168

It wasn’t going to be left behind.  This is ‘the big white one’, otherwise known as Hippeastrum ‘I’ve lost the label and can’t remember the name’.

March 171 

It’s beauty is more in the architecture than in any fancy colours, as you saw in the earlier pictures it’s head and shoulders above the other two, a cool classical column of an amaryllis, rather than a vibrant shot of colour.

March 161 

Next to Blossom Peacock it reminds me of a school prefect, reprimanding an overexuberant junior.

March 164

My daily sunshine, whether it’s raining or not.