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Crochet Finished

Pink Petals


With perfect timing, my latest issue of Mollie Makes was waiting on the doormat when we got back from the south coast last weekend.  I’ve been carrying it around for most of the week like a snuggly, reading a little bit on the platform in the morning, perhaps another couple of pages with my lunch, and a little drool over the adverts on the way home; a talisman of my crafty alter ego.

And to add sprinkles to the cherry and icing on the cake, this month’s cover kit was even yarn related.  But not knitting, oh no.  A little card of coral cotton, and (cue music) a crochet hook.  We had a quiet afternoon on Thursday and as Kitty played, I tried to remember my doubles from my trebles and how to count my stitches, and slowly but surely I made a flower.
March 563
A slightly lopsided flower admittedly, I’m not sure that I got the pattern exactly right, and I did a little bit of patching up in a few gaps where my tension had lurched from ‘defusing a bomb’ to ‘so relaxed it’s freeform crochet’.
 March 557
The kit came with a little bar clasp to turn it into a brooch which I’ve duly sewn on the back, now all I need is a cardigan to match to wear it on.  Time to consult the stash perhaps?

I’ve certainly got enough cotton lurking in the stash to make one to sew onto a hairband for a little girl, but Mama and daughter matching flowers might be a step too far (says the girl wearing matching pyjamas).
March 579
I’ve seen a few crochet projects recently that I really love, mostly of the cushion or blanket variety, so I suspect that my little flowery baby steps are about to turn into a giant leap into a puddle of yarn with hook in hand.

March 567

I’ve seen the dark side, and it’s pink and flowery.