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Kitty Knitting Work in Progress

Virtue on a train


Are you sitting down? I have evidence of knitterly activity, and you may need to brace yourself against its seeming rarity.

Actually, if anyone is reading this standing up, please let me know how and why. Thinking about it, reading blogs seems to me to be a very sedentary activity, often involving the assistance of a quilt and some knitting for ultimate comfy cozy immersion into other peoples’ crafty worlds.

But I’m getting distracted.  I’d like to say that I have a photo of my latest knitting project, but I’m not sure it quite qualifies as a photo.  Visual representation perhaps? Yes, that will do, I have a visual representation (aka a wobbly iPhone photo taken on a bumpy train) that I’ve been knitting.

March 209

A long long time ago I knit a little wrapped jumper from some coral pink Rowan Calmer with crochet flowers up and down the front.  It was sweet, it was comfy enough, but the cut and drape were all wrong and in an uncharacteristic fit of I don’t quite know what, pique crossed with courage perhaps, I frogged the whole lot, rinsed it, and skeined it up.

I’ve started at least two more projects since, but somehow it never seemed right, or I never got anything even approaching gauge and they all got frogged.  Clearly, this yarn was never meant to be a jumper for me to wear.

But for a tiny person? Rowan Miniature Classics has some really sweet children’s patterns, including Ashton, a garter stitch hooded cardie, with teeny tiny pockets, knit out of the now sadly discontinued Calmer, and my gauge turned out to be if not exactly on the nail, close enough that I have some confidence of making a human-shaped garment at the end of the exercise.

So in between pattern checking, quilt planning, and just a little bit of snoozing, I have knit, knit, knit my way back and forth on the train.  It’s far from finished; the body is done, fronts and back knit all as one, and this morning I cast off the second sleeve.  I’ve got the hood, the button bands and two pockets to go, so I’m maybe just over halfway.

The pile of knitting stacked up on the train company’s idea of a table is the evidence of my evening virtue (brought on I can only imagine by the anticipation and joy of a Thursday tomorrow – one of my 100% Mama days).  If you remember, I’m knitting with recycled yarn, so I’m using up lots of little balls of yarn, and lots of little balls of yarn leave lots of little ends.  This evening, I took up my needle and my cute little owl scissors, and I darned in all of my ends so far.  I know.  I did warn you you might want to sit down.