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Family Kitty


One day in the hundred millimetre wood there was a box on Kitty’s chair.  Kitty, being a girl of very great brain decided to open the box, and let the new toys in.
March 145 
“Hello, I’m Tigger!  T-I-double G-R! Did I say I was hungry?”
“Well then I’ll say it.  I’m hungry!”
March 140 
“I was afraid of that.  What do Tiggers eat? Do they eat pasta shapes and cheese?”
March 149 
“Pasta shapes and cheese! Oh boy oh boy! That’s what Tiggers like best!”
March 146 
“Ooooo, I say, mmm, mmm, shlurp…..
March 152 
….yeulck! Tiggers don’t like pasta shapes and cheese!”
March 155 
“But you said that …”
“Yeulck! Oozy woozy cheesy stuff. Only fit for little girls and Mamas”
March 135
“Well in that case I’d better eat it myself!”