The time has come


I started this blog on 6 February 2006.  I was in my early (ish) twenties, only engaged to the lovely man who became my H, and I wanted somewhere to keep track of my knitting projects, which at that stage largely consisted of baby clothes for miniature second cousins, and a little something Rowan for me.

Fast forward six years and this blog has recorded not only the knitting but all the other crafty things and a good few slices of family life.  And like a pair of battered old favourite shoes, it’s been starting to creak a little, and let the puddles in.    Knitted Bear isn’t going anywhere, I’ve no plans to take the blog down, or anything like that and it isn’t time for me to give up blogging, far from it, but it might be time to move house.

So, if you’d like to come on a little adventure with me, please step across the way to Space for the Butterflies, where I promise more of the same haphazardly delivered tales of a crafty handmade family life.

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