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February 370

Bless me Quilting Muses for I have neglected you.  It has been 18 days since I did any quilting.  I think I may be developing a twitch.

We’re trying out a few reorganisations in our lounge at the moment; freeing up space for Kitty to sprawl her buckets of toys, and for us to plonk down with her to attend the latest Martian Moo Moo tea-party.  We’ve also moved the pile of quilts from the little low vintage nursing chair to a spare dining room chair.  The reason for the move? We’ve now go so many quilts piled up on the chair that (a) no-one could sit on it without first tipping the quilts onto the floor and (b) (and this is the crux of the matter), the tower was having a Jodrell Bank-esque effect on H’s ability to operate the remote controls without having to resort to extraordinary contortions.

Now that I can really see them again in a nice neat stack of soft cool fabric they’re calling to me; calling me mostly to curl up in them and have a nap, but also calling me to make more.

The quandry is because I have the fabric for (whispers) four planned quilt tops, probably almost all of the fabric for another, and a jelly roll without a plan to boot all tucked up in the fabric stash upstairs, and I don’t know which to start.

Should I choose:

Contestant number 1: Ten shades of gorgeous silk in greens, blues, lilac and lime await a quilter to turn them into a rippling reflection of a painting hung in our bedroom.  The inspirations are Jane Brocket’s Gentle Art of Quilt-Making, and Claude Monet.

Contestant number 2: A sherbert dip Bali Pop full of pink and green and fizz is waiting to become a lasagne quilt. It’s easy, fun, doesn’t involve matching points or corners, and best of all, I’ve got two metres of fabric just longing to become the backing.

Contestant number 3: Ocean blue, sunshine yellow, and a quilt pattern that I think will look like a fishing net (it’s in that book, sorry I can’t find an actual photo).

Contestant number 4: Ladies and Gentlemen, rotary cutters at the ready, it’s time to start slicing the stash for a Tokyo Subway quilt.

Contestant number 5: The flowers that bloom in the Spring, in colours that Kitty helped to choose; the top quilt on the front cover of The Practical Guide to Patchwork; can I rise to the challenge of machine applique, or should I try the old fashioned way, the possibilites are one or the other.

So help me out here – what would you do?

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  • mandycharlie 20/02/2012 at 12:33 am

    I think the silk should come to life, I know how much you liked Jane Brockets silk quilt and I am sure you will do a lovely job. And… it would be quite relaxing playing with pretty silk after a hard day at the coal face.

  • Fleur Cotton 20/02/2012 at 2:11 pm

    Looking forward to seeing your finished Tokyo Subway Quilt – the one on the link looks great and something a bit different. So No 4 please!

    Thanks for popping in on my blog!

    Fleur xx