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February 485

Today has been a day of blissful ordinaryness.  Kitty was poorly over the weekend, nothing major, just a tummy bug, but the first we’d encountered in her 17 months, and enough to turn my cheerful, high speed, mini-rocket of a toddler into a sorry, sad little limpet who wanted nothing more than to spend every available moment curled up in her Mama’s arms. So that’s what we did for most of the weekend; holed up together in a nest of quilts, watching children’s movies of varying quality (Madagascar and the Lion King good; Lion King 2, not so sure). Kitty nursed and nursed and nursed while my lovely H brought me glasses of water to quench a thirst strongly reminiscent of madam’s teeny tiny early days, and steadily made her way through both our wardrobes.

Today I’m wearing a ‘Hawaii 1984’ t-shirt that H bought years ago for a tropical themed hockey tour, and a much improved Kitty spent the day in a vest, thick tights, a warm long sleeved t-shirt and a pretty yellow checked sundress.  Thankfully the laundry is nearly all dry.

Together we’ve worked our way through the downstairs cleaning, with Kitty putting in lots of enthusiastic polishing of the dresser doors, the coffee table, and at one stage her father, who made the mistake of sitting down while she was still wielding her cloth and received a thorough dusting. We had a lunch-picnic in the conservatory-studio while the carpet in the lounge dried out after some rather necessary vax-ing, chattered around the supermarket, and she helped me turn leftover spaghetti sauce into a lasagne for supper with superlative cheese sprinkling and licky-scraping the spoon from the cheese sauce pan.

I’ve made it sound almost saccarine I know, but it has in truth been a day of precious domesticity, spun with memories of chattering nonsense together, singing, silly dancing around the kitchen, reading favourite stories (The Gruffalo and The Snail and the Whale), and I want to hold it tight, to store it up to fall back on when things get all topsy turvy and unexpected, as they so often seem to do.

I was browsing Pinterest the other night and came across one of those little thought for the day cards which I foolishly forget to actually repin so of course I can’t find it now, and it said something along the lines of:

“You are exactly who, and when, and where you are supposed to be – why would it be any other way”

Today felt like that.