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Christmas Embroidery Finished Sewing

A tree standing in the forest


February 306
I have a confession.  I haven’t quite let go of Christmas.  Yes I know it’s mid-February and the serried ranks of daffodils are racing the three lone tulips as they push skyward in the front veg beds, but there are also two strings of fairylights in my lounge, and two damply battered Christmas trees (both still fairly green) in my back garden.

The trees outside are a side effect of Plague 2012 in so much as I’ve not been well enough to get the recycling down to the curb since Christmas (we alternate bins and recycling each week). I’m not quite sure whether the free Christmas tree pick up will last into next week but we’re going to give it a whirl, and if all else fails, H’s Dad is due to visit us soon with a chainsaw for some intensive pruning and they can all get chopped up for the big green bin.

The fairy lights I just couldn’t bear to pack away after the tree came down, they are a warm homely twinkle on cold dark days, and welcoming and comforting to come home too.  I think if I ever had my dream home I’d love to have a log burner or an open fire; perhaps for now I have my fairy lights instead.

I’ve been buying Alicia Paulson’s Christmas felt ornament kits pretty much since she started making them but they’re the first casualty in the whole Christmas knitting eats up all my Christmas crafting time.  I made the 2008 kit (Ice Skating Afternoon) in between Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010, and that’s as far as I’d got.

This year, I’m going to change that.  I want to enjoy making all of these beautiful ornaments, and I want them all on my tree in 2012. For the time being, my snowflakes fairy lights make the perfect place to hang my newest of new ornaments. Now you couldn’t do that with an open fire.

February 045
We’ve finished our Ice Skating Afternoon, changed into sturdy boots, and it’s time for a Walk in the Woods, starting with the prettiest and sparkliest tree in the forest.