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Embroidery Work in Progress

Oh Christmas tree


With one New Year’s Resolution (Kitty’s trousers) ticked off the list, I’m feeling very January-enthusiastic and I’m motoring along with another, this time from the Crafty Creating section.

You see for someone whose craft polygamy flits from knitting to quilting (and a little sewing) and back again, I buy a lot of cross stitch magazines.  And they (particularly Cross Stitcher) frequently have beautiful patterns, and I think to myself, “I must make that, it would look cute/match perfectly/be so much fun”, and I put the magazine in a pile on my sewing room floor, and there it sits.

It isn’t such a big jump to imagine me actually doing some embroidery, I started in cross stitch, taught by my mum to sew a little red poinsettia picture to fit a dark green card one Christmas holidays, and I believe that she still owns the set of tea-napkins painstakingly embroidered by me with blue lazy-daisy flowers with a good deal of coaxing and cajoling from my grandmother when my enthusiasm wained after the second of the six (I can’t have been much more than six myself).  A folder full of DMC threads sits in a corner of my knitting box and a little bag of kits and spare fabric is tucked into a corner of my sewing room upstairs.

So in the spirit of Christmas-always, I picked up a pattern, found the fabric and one of the colours in my stash, acquired the other from Decorative Cloth, and set to.
January 208

It is the Deck the Halls pattern from the Christmas 2011 issue, which I didn’t buy in hard copy, but found as a back issue through the ITunes Newstand.  Incidentally, Future Publishing whose stable includes Cross Stitcher, Mollie Makes, The Knitter and Simply Knitting, have launched all of the above and many of their other magazines onto ITunes with an introductory free download issue.  I don’t know how long that will last for but a free magazine is never a bad thing, particularly when it can’t add to the clutter in your house.

But back to the stitching, it’s red and white, it’s simple to sew and pretty to look at, and I’ve been enjoying stitching away to some old favourite films – the sort that you don’t actually need to look at!

But clearly, watching Persuasion (for the 100th and something time) was a bad idea.  Look carefully.  Somewhere around the time that Fredrick Wentworth realised that he did love Anne Elliott after all but was seemingly inextricably bound to Louisa Musgrove, I was counting down to position the house neatly under the snowflakes.
January 209

It was only as I worked back up the tree, adding in the backstitch that I could see clearly that I’ve counted a row short.  There should be an extra line of canvas so that the zig zag line doesn’t touch the snowflakes, but I’ve mushed it together a bit.

Now snipping out everything underneath the zig zag line is more time consuming than it’s worth so my options are: (a) leave it, it looks fine, it’s only obvious if I point it out (b) start all over again on a fresh piece of fabric (and possibly finish this one and give it away to someone who won’t notice, or (c) snip out the zig zag line and fudge something along the lines of a shallower zig zag so that it doesn’t actually touch the snowflakes, just come close.  What would you do?