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December 994
It’s dark and rainy outside, and only the throbbing beat of some questionable music somewhere in the neighbourhood suggests that it’s anything other than a dreary winter Saturday.  We’ve been counting down the last few hours of the year in a quietly insular kind of way; a little family in hibernation, reading, colouring, playing with toys and knitting, and now Kitty is fast asleep in her cot, H is playing Sonic and I’m here – it’s very flash I know!
December 1006
Looking back at last January, it seems that I did manage to make some New Year’s Resolutions of sorts, the most specific of which was to buy a new organiser for the cutlery drawer that actually fits.  So how did I do with that one ….
December 999
ah. well. yes – lets pass over that shall we.

I wanted to take the time to uncover buried projects and really enjoy the books and materials I have, and I think I can put a tick against this one. Twelve of my knitting projects used yarn that had been in the stash for over a year, although unaccountably the yarn seems to have expanded to fit the space again, and I tackled a few things that had been on the ‘make me’ list for a while, such as the birthday bunting that I made for Kitty’s party, her pirate trousers (scroll to the bottom) and a pretty spotty dress with ice-cream’s on it that I can’t remember blogging about (now sadly outgrown).

I’ve got some more specific aims for this year (and not just the cutlery drawer organiser either), so with a vague promise to come back this time in 2012 and see how I’ve done, this is my plan for the next twelve months:


  • I’ve got some great projects lined up so I want to continue to enjoy the stash. 
  • I’m going to knit my Bohus Wild Apples kit and finish my 7 Chakras socks.
  • In a moment of weakness, H asked for a jumper and chose a pattern from a shortlist that’s been loitering in my Ravelry favourites for, well lets just say ‘a while’, and the colour of the called-for yarn.  I’ve a few things to finish first and then it’s all systems go.
  • I’m going to write up my Phoenix socks pattern and publish it properly.
  • I’m going to design some knits for Kitty.


  • Now that I’ve got the borders, backing and binding for my Christmas quilt, it’s time to put it all together, quilt it and finish it up.
  • I’ve got fabric in the stash for three four complete quilt tops, and most of the fabric for two more.  I’m going to make them.


  • I’m going to keep sewing for Kitty; another pair of reversible trousers, and a couple of dresses at the very least.
  • I’m going to sew something for me (don’t know what yet – any suggestions)

Crafty Creating

  • Every year I make Christmas presents right up until the last minute and all those Christmassy crafts get put away until after the presents.  This year I’m going to have Christmas throughout the year and make the things I want for our house and our tree.
  • I’m going to tie down some of the pretties that float through my brain and actually make them.


  • I’ve stalled a bit; I can take pretty enough pictures but I really want to work on staging still lifes and my portrait photography – yay more pictures of a little girl who is incapable of keeping still.
  • December 767

That may be my specific plan for a creative 2012.  But above all of that my intent for this coming year is to  Cherish and Nourish.
December 730
Cherish – every little moment with our rapidly growing girl, and my lovely H; not focusing on the time we have to be apart but fully living every minute together.
December 1005
Nourish – our bodies with good food and our hearts and souls with good words.

What are your New Year’s plans? and do you know anywhere that sells really large cutlery organisers?