Twinkle twinkle little star


December 258
We have a star in the making.  The babies group at Kitty’s nursery are performing the crucial role of stars in the nursery nativity plays, which from all I’ve gleaned from her favourite carer involves trying not to crawl into the audience to find Mummy/Daddy/toast, and doing the actions to twinkle twinkle.

We’ve been practising the twinkling today during both of her bath times (morning and lunchtime, the latter to remove sausage from her hair, and the former because occasionally babies just need a bath), and this afternoon I set about her costume.
 December 259

I’ve made a little pale gold layered tulle skirt for her to wear with a cream t-shirt and white tights from a metre or so of fabric, and I’m planning for her to have a big star that she wears sort of like a backpack, with elastic loops to keep it on her arms.
December 264
Kit tried to help me draw a star, but as that mostly involved trying to chew the ruler while sitting on the felt, we didn’t get very far, and most of my progress has been made after she went to bed.
December 260
I’ve laid out the radial lines in water soluble marker and I’m slowly filling them in with sequins and beads and all sorts of sparkle liberated from the bottom of my embroidery bag. 
December 261
I’m still deliberating over whether I want to fill in the gaps with swirling embroidery, and it might be a moot point because this needs to be finished for Tuesday morning – what do you think? No embroidery, gold embroidery or sparkly white/silver?

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  • mandycharlie 18/12/2011 at 4:19 pm

    Have you got any spare fabric and beads to do a small test patch to see which you prefer. I bet whatever you choose to do she will look perfect. Are you allowed to take photo’s?