Sunshine on a Thursday


November 361

This is the backing to the quilt; in person it’s a gorgeous golden amber that chases the grey clouds from every corner of the room.  And with the change in the weather and a couple of nights where my intervals of sleep eked past the hour mark, and the intervals of awake were a little shorter, the sleep deprivation irascible haze has lifted slightly, and I no longer consider my sewing machine as a malevolent and sentient being, representing everything going wrong and responsible for all events from the economic bust to a sudden squally shower soaking the laundry.

Also, it started to work a bit better post fluff removal.

Yesterday morning we ran an errand for more thread, and in nap times and evenings I’ve sewn my little geometric pattern, up down and around, all over the quilt until tonight it was finished.  The quilt now rests over the edge of our travel cot come playpen, edges neatly clipped, waiting for the binding to be sewn down as if butter wouldn’t melt in its mouth.  Truth be told I think it is a lovely quilt (watch out for pictures after Christmas), and despite the tantrum angst, there is love and hope and prayers for the future owner(s) all sewn up in it, and I will think of him/her/them as I sew on the binding; wishing them peace, comfort and warmth in its sunny embrace.

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