Deviation from the Christmas Knitting: Part 2


December 186

It seems there’s no hope for me.  Facing down the ever decreasing hours until Christmas, and a mental list of projects yet to be finished (or in a couple of cases, started), I’ve done the only thing possible; knit something else.

The windy wet and wild has not detoured around Warwickshire and I’ve spent today in the company of much of the country; staring out into dirty skies through splattered raindrops and longing for a roaring fire to chase the shadows away.

And in between preventing Kit from removing all ornaments within her grasp from our Christmas tree, and ‘helping’ her with her Truth in the Tinsel ornament, I knit a little hot magic, to keep her toasty warm from the storms.
December 188

A pair of mittens, to replace (and be the next size up) from her Port and Starboard mittens (of which only Starboard seems to remain), knit from Tequila Sunrise handspun.

My pattern, such as it was, was 32 stitches on 3.5mm needles in a 2×2 rib for 25 rounds, then 17 rounds on 4mm needles and then 4 stacked decreases every round (ie (k6 k2tog) for the first round, then (k5 k2tog) for the second, (k4  k2tog) for the third etc) until only 4 stitches remained.  Pull the yarn through and darn in the ends and you have warm snuggly crazy sparkly little baby mittens.

She’ll be the envy of the nursery garden and I got to play with sunny fibre to lighten the darkness; it’s a win all round.

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  • Rachel 11/12/2011 at 7:37 pm

    I’ve been amazingly focused on xmas knitting even though there are many other things calling out to me. Wish me luck I have the strength to continue resisting!

  • Rachel 11/12/2011 at 7:37 pm

    BTW–these knits (your mittens and your hat) seem to be worth the distraction!