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December 2011




I’m four rounds off finishing Kitty’s Christmas jumper (and a little darning in of ends and sewing of seams) so there’s hope that she’ll get it before the 12 days of Christmas are up.  I think I can count that as finishing in time, yes?

One of the other reasons that I didn’t worry too much about not having finished for the day itself was that she did have a large Mama-made parcel under the tree to open. 

December 652
She isn’t short of quilts or blankets, but they were all made for the bump that turned out to be her, rather than for her specifically.  That and if she keeps growing at the current rate she’s going to need something a little bit bigger.

This is the next size up; about 46 inches square and on me it’s a lap quilt, but for her it’s big enough to play tents and hide-peepo and wrap up in until she’s snug.

I’m possibly setting a new personal record for the time between buying the fabric and making the quilt as it came from Il etait une fois at this summer’s Quilt Festival at the NEC.   I walked past the stand, took one look at a print of a little curly haired girl on a swing and knew that it was coming home with us.

December 659
The picture blocks of the little girl and the apples and houses are sold by the block and the other fabric comes by the metre (a really really wide metre). 
December 658
It’s really the simplest of simple quilts.  I cut the blocks to 9.5 inches square and played around with them until I liked the layout, then sewed them into rows and then into the quilt top.

December 670
The backing is another length of the gorgeous multicoloured check, and the binding is the same.  To quilt it, I used a red/pink/yellow variegated thread and stitched lines with my walking foot about a 1/4 inch either side of each seam to mirror the check fabric.
December 662
Kitty had caught occasional glimpses of something interesting under construction through an open doorway or perched on the back of the sofa but all attempts at further investigation were swiftly curtailed. As I mentioned in an earlier post, she unwrapped it, hugged it, and lay down and rolled in it.  I love that I made her something that she loves, now all I need are some new labels that say ‘Mama made it’. December 669


Merry and Bright


December 478
The days leading up to Christmas are not exactly stressful, because I adore this time of year, but full of busyness, making sure that all the jobs are done and all the loose ends come together at the right time and in the right order so that Christmas Day (and the following 12) are calm and restful.  With help from H, who crucially managed to find somewhere else in the house on which to balance the partially completed jigsaw that has been dogging our dinner times for the last few months, freeing up that end of the table to be loaded with roasted edibles, we had a wonderful Christmas, and today we spent the day curled up like well fed house cats with a saucer of cream; warm and cozy from head to toe.

December 479
Kitty mastered the art of unwrapping presents fairly quickly, demonstrating a determined insistence for removing every last scrap of paper and throwing it over her shoulder before turning her attention to the goodies inside.  As is only fitting for our only daughter she has been spoiled rotten at every turn, and a happier little girl you’d be hard to find.
December 510 December 514 December 528
(unwrapping and playing with her present from Auntie Zee and Uncle D)

My highlight of the day was watching her unwrap her Mama-made quilt (pictures to follow if it ever stops raining); she took all the paper off, hugged it, spread it out around her, lay on her back, kicked her feet and giggled, and then wrapped herself up in it.  Clearly someone (Daddy?) has been teaching her the proper way to respond to handmade (it’s also a cute quilt if I say so myself).

I’ll be doing some more detailed posts on some of the Christmas crafting over the next few days but for today I leave you with some snippets of our day:
December 490
Scrambled eggs for breakfast
December 500 December 503 December 505
reading That’s Not My Snowman with Daddy (and yes, in the background is a metre of Jaffa Cakes, from Kitty to Daddy)

December 558
Talking to Grannie and Grandpa in Devon
December 557
It’s for you! – chatting to Gran and Grandad in Yorkshire.

December 616
A trip to the playground in between rain showers this afternoon.


Artist in residence


My grandmother’s painting of the tower of Magdalen College, Oxford, with a softly lit Cherwell flowing around the Botanical Gardens in the foreground, hangs on the wall of my sewing room; H’s sketches, still lifes and landscapes are framed around the house; and my father once knocked out a mean pencil drawing of our teddy bear David dressed in my blue gingham baby romper on a scrap of spare paper.

With such genetic potential, and a smidgen of Mama’s crafty ways thrown in for good measure, no one was surprised that Kitty likes drawing and colouring.  There’s only one hitch with such creativity in a house full of artists, well two hitches to be precise.  Firstly, neither Daddy nor Mama try to eat the raw materials (cue chalks and a packet of wax crayons going back into the cupboard), and secondly, well lets just say I haven’t yarn bombed the travel cot and H hasn’t felt the need to add a touch of colour to the spine of my hardback copy of Great Northern.

Father Christmas came up trumps on the edible art materials front, with a little box of Stockmar beeswax crayons.  They are really lovely crayons, smooth and easy to make a mark with the gentlest of pressure, you don’t need to force the colour onto the page, they smell nice, and if she eats them I’m pretty relaxed about a combination of natural colours and beeswax.  Her little box has 8 colours, but I think we may be adding to them in the future.

I think the crayons were her favourite present until Christmas afternoon when we unwrapped a big shiny parcel from Grannie and Grandpa:

December 568
Can you tell what it is yet?
December 580
When we were little we had magic paper painting pads; you brushed them with water and a picture appeared in a pastel rainbow.  That was then, this is now.  Magic paper, meet your future self, an Aquadoodle.
December 582
(please also note the effect of roast potatoes and sticky toffee pudding as hair styling product!)

Kitty loves it, and we’ve found it curiously addictive – even after she’d gone to bed
December 595
San Salute from the Accademia Bridge

Thank you Grannie and Grandpa – we all love it!


Merry Christmas


December 250
It’s Christmas Eve.  The veggies are peeled, the chicken is prepped and stuffed according to my Great-Grandmother’s recipes, a pile of red and white parcels are smothering the Christmas tree skirt, and Kitty is asleep in her cot, dreaming of mince pies and shiny things.

December 435
This morning I made two dozen mince pies (not all of which remain), cleaned and tidied the house (a somewhat pointless task with a toddler on the loose, but worth doing for the honour nonetheless), and corralled and folded the laundry from its various drying points around the house.

December 426
Our Sunday club put on a brilliant nativity for the Christmas Eve Crib Service, and Kitty reprised her role as ‘smallest star’, perched up on Daddy’s knee on the steps at the back of church for the best view, giggling and clapping her way through the production, and then this evening, lovely friends came to visit, bringing a most interesting and excitingly large box for Kit (unconfirmed reports suggest that even the generous benefactor’s seriously grown up sons were intrigued by the size of said box).  Kitty hugged it, and then started to work out that wrapping paper is supposed to come off so it’s been tucked away until the morning.

December 459
Tomorrow I’m looking forward to time with our wonderful church family and a day spent in the company of my little family of three, watching Kit drink in all the sparkle and the wonder. 

For the very first time I haven’t finished the Christmas knitting; Kitty’s jumper is minus a sleeve and a half and the shoulders to neck section.  A serious assessment at 11.30 on Friday told me that I could either spend Christmas Eve madly knitting and scrape in under the wire, or spend Christmas Eve getting ready for Christmas, and just enjoying my family.  Given the option between helping Kitty make shiny ornaments (with a kit from the front of her Waybaloo magazine), curling up to read the Gruffalo (again), and cooking with H while Kitty napped, or knitting frantically, the yarn didn’t stand a chance.

For one, Kitty isn’t going to turn round to me when she’s all grown up and accuse me of ruining Christmas because her jumper was a couple of days late, but she will remember that Mama and Daddy used to read her stories and sing carols and |Christmas songs, and that we all plomped down on the floor to make the most noise with her rattles and shakers, and for another, I really like the yarn, I really like the pattern and I don’t want to rush through the knitting and loose that pleasure, or tinge a jumper with the frustration of deadline knitting.

So my plan for the rest of this evening is a nice long bath and a quiet night with half an ear open for sleigh bells.
November 327
H, Kitty and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and we’ll be back in time to wish you a Happy New Year.

May the joy of the angels,
the eagerness of the shepherds,
the perseverance of the wise men,
the obedience of Joseph and Mary,
and the peace of the Christ child
be yours this Christmas


Dress Rehearsal


The nursery Christmas extravaganza opens to previews tomorrow, with the command performance on Thursday when H and I are going to see our super special snowflake be a star.

Her costume is finished, and I’m pretty pleased with it.  I’ll take some proper pictures on Thursday, but here’s a sneak peak.
December 306
I popped her into her ensemble this evening and let her run around for a bit to test drive it and to see if anything fell off.  There are limits to what interfacing and felt can achieve so I had to add a safety pin to keep the point of the star upright, but other than that it seems to work well.

December 313
The only possible drawback, and I really should have foreseen this one given how much she enjoyed playing with the raw materials, is that she does have a bit of a fascination with the skirt …

December 319
and may well spend most of her time in the spotlight with her head in at least one layer of gauzy skirt.

So Kitty, is it fit for purpose? Let’s see (cue music):

Twinkle, twinkle, little star

December 355

How I wonder what you are.

December 362

Up above the world so high,

December 368

Like a dia….hang on a minute Mama

December 372


December 373

diamond! in the sky.

December 374

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

December 375

How I wonder what you are.

December 380
(exit stage left)

She’s going to bring the house down.