October 230
My Granny’s kitchen worktops were bright turquoise crosshatched with pin thin lines of darker blue and they matched the ‘swimming pool’ lino under your feet.  The cupboards were a vivid lemon, the drawers were bright red, and Mum made the bright flowery curtains.

October 223
I didn’t intentionally make fairy buns to homage the kitchen but it seems only appropriate.  My memories of my Granny’s kitchen taste of lemon cake.  She wasn’t the world’s most enthusiastic cook but her piece de resistance was a double layer lemon sponge with little flecks of lemon peel in the icing.  
October 216
These are little lemon sponges with lemon icing and yellow dragees from the stash of ‘cake decorations that I’m trying to use up before the best before date’. 
October 212
Dotted in among the trellis in the tablecloth they look like enormous hot house blooms, perfect to lift the dreary gloom outside.
October 206 
It’s definitely autumn now, the applause from the August encore has died away leaving blustery days and a swirl of fallen leaves behind the rocking chair in the nursery.  My munchkin pumpkin is toasting green rind into a deep amber in the front garden veggie bed and we’ve started to harvest the potatoes.  But for now I have cake, and memories of sunshine and fizzy lemonade to lighten the darkness.

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