Birthday Parade


Those of you that might happen to glance past my projects page on Ravelry will not be blind to the fact that for the last couple of months it would appear that I have been on somewhat of a knitting groundhog day.  In fact that explains much of why there has been little to no knitting popping up on these pages since early August.

Like most of us, cunning plans and crazy ideas whirl through my mind with gay abandon fairly frequently.  Some I discard on the spot, some I shelve for that mysterious and magical future ‘when I have time’, and some take root, twisting and plying with my mind so that there becomes no doubt that I was every going to do anything different.  I’ve been working on one of those.

Before Kitty was born we went to an NCT antenatal class.  You learn a little about birth and labour and looking after your fresh new bundle of squeals and snores, but it is also the place where you meet your first set of soon to be Mummy (and Daddy) friends.  We landed on our feet and I have the pleasure to know an amazing group of women, with whom I’ve shared the crazy and the comedy from our labours, our first weeks as parents and everything since then.  And now almost all of our tiny boys and girls are strapping one year olds with clear personalities and wills of their own.

Well I couldn’t give them just any old sort of birthday present could I? I found my stash of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, my 3mm dpns and my pattern and I cast on:
August 470

 And on
August 075
And on
September 003
And on
September 340
And on
October 027
And on
October 077
I finished the seventh yesterday, she (for this one is a girl) is sitting on the arm of the sofa waiting for a party in a couple of weekends’ time when she will get to meet little Miss K, but as K’s mummy has half an idea what might be coming I don’t feel I’m spoiling any surprises.

I know I’ve put in the hours but I feel some credit has to go to Ysolda for writing a pattern for such a lovely toy that the babies have universally adored, and that I’ve been happy to knit again and again.

There are currently 2204 Elijah Elephants finished or on the way there around in the world today.  Do you think that in the future, archaeologists will look back on us now and wonder what form of deity we worshiped with little knitted elephants?  I may be partially responsible for the population boom, and not just with these seven. 

You see only Ferdy and Solomon live at home, all of my other elephants have gone to other houses in far flung and slightly nearer corners of the world, except for the Katiephunt of course who is here as a guest, and I rather lost track.  So I added them up.

That would be 14 elephants.  I think I may have a problem.  Please send help, or even better, Baby Cashmerino; it’s been 24 hours since I knit on an elephant and I don’t quite know what to do.

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  • mandycharlie 07/10/2011 at 2:57 pm

    All I have to say on the matter is…

    Where’s mine?


  • Thrifty Household 07/10/2011 at 4:56 pm

    Very sweet elephant/s!