An excuse for cake


It’s National Baking Week! Once I’d established that it was neither a figment of my early morning imagination, nor something that Chris Evans invented, this was clearly something that I was going to embrace wholeheartedly.

Although, if you read the recipes on the website, I’m not entirely sure what the organisers’ definition of baking comprises; possibly just turning the oven on at some point in the cooking process. Soup? Pasta? – all baking apparently.

Nonetheless, what more excuse do I need for a cake.

October 495
This isn’t from the baking website, it’s my new favourite book, the Great British Bake Off Recipe book, Apple and Maple traybake.

October 497
It’s delicious, all damp and appley, with a maple syrup and cream cheese icing.

October 499
As you see, it’s not going to last long.

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