Foodie Delights


September 254
We went to the Leamington Food Festival on Sunday morning for a post-church, pre-lazy Sunday afternoon kind of snack lunch.

I’d love to show you photos of the stalls, the hog roasts (plural, plural hog roasts I tell you), the cakes, and the madness that was the cookery demonstrations but alas, our hands were full.  Kitty had a gentle nap as we surveyed the stands, and then tucked in.

Hog roast for H, followed by a red sausage, and freshly cooked sweet and sour chicken with thai noodles and sweetcorn fritters for me.

Kitty woke up in time to try some Homity Pie (which she loved), and we visited the cake stall for strawberry meringues and strawberry cakes to take home. H doubted we’d get the meringues home in one piece but as you can see they did make it.

September 253
I made no promise of the kind about the strawberry tarts – but they tasted good just the same.

I think that we may have another foodie in the house too – well, let’s look at the evidence:
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Spaghetti sauce is the new shampoo don’t you know!

It was everywhere! – her vest is being soaked but her comb may never recover from being used to extract pasta as three washes only just put paid to that unique auburn tinge.  Suffice to say, this girl loves her food.

And finally, for Godmummy Mandy – “Look what I can do!”
September 297

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