Blue shimmer


Copy of August 216
The original Blue Shimmer was I’m sure inspired by snow, glaciers, and frost glittering across a frozen world.  And to be fair, there’s probably more call for wristwarmers (and hats and scarves and jumpers) in the Great White North, but when I see my Blue Shimmer there’s only one thing it reminds me of – the sun across the bay in the morning. 
Copy of August 214
And now there are two.
August 033
I think I might be needing them in the next few days and weeks; it was definitely autumnal even before the end of August, the trees are dropping leaves into the recycling boxes, the prickly bush in the garden is covered in red berries, and the sky seems full of helicopters whirling down from the sycamore tree.

I’ve loved this summer, and this year I think I can say that we have had a summer of sorts, sitting out in the garden with Kitty, meeting friends in the park for a picnic, and even a BBQ, but I’m unashamedly embracing the autumn.

Not so much the darker mornings and evenings, but crisp mornings that smell ever so slightly of leaf mould, the deeper blue skies that only come with September, soup (ah! soup!) and crusty bread for Saturday lunches before H rushes out to hockey, and, most importantly (drum roll please):

The return of the sock season.

I’ve not worn socks on a regular basis since May and I can’t wait to snuggle into some soft wool on a chilly pre-heating day night. Maybe I should make some new ones to celebrate …

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