Shaking Down


We’re in a transition phase of life at the moment. I’m back at work part time and still editing my work/life organisation – what has to be ready they night before and what can wait; just how much I can get done in a 3 day week; and how to manage all the calls for my time and attention.

I do have things I want to talk about, and I’ve even finished some knitting projects and lined up all sorts of crafty projects but the pictures are still on the camera and a friend is pleading with the laptop to stop sulking behind the blue screen of death.

This week we were sent home early from work because of riots in Birmingham. Not in some far off suburb at the wrong end of town but on our doorstep. Rioters and looters ran past our office, smashing the window of the shop next door.

On Tuesday morning the staff of the nearby Louis Vitton office evacuated their stock back to the warehouse and all through the day the sound was of hammers smacking nails into chipboard all across town. It’s not really mindless violence; it’s targetted marauding – in one street they hit LA Fitness, Jessops, skipped Pret (no sarnies), hit McDonalds, skipped Greggs and the Pasty Shop and hit T Mobile. That’s not rioting, that’s shopping.

On Wednesday the same scene all over again only you couldn’t tell which shops were boarded up for damage and which for protection. It’s been quiet since and we’ll watch and wait. In all of this it seems so frivolous to write about a newly finished project or the Ginger cookies I made … I’ll tell you later.

For now we’re taking care and hoping everything gets back to normal soon.

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  • Mary 12/08/2011 at 8:19 am

    The occasional bit of frivoling is good, though. And I reckon knitting and ginger biscuits would sit very well alongside #OperationCupOfTea.

    If you want to borrow a spare laptop while you try and get that one hammered into submission, just let me know. It’s not a rocket ship but for going online and whatnot it’s good.

  • mandycharlie 12/08/2011 at 6:07 pm

    And then you have a crazy god mummy sending messages at a crazy early hour just to say be careful and that we love you. I am so glad they sent you home early, it must have been Very frightening to be in the middle of it all. We are glad you are safe, but keep safe and if you have to make an educated decision again, do so without hesitation, I know I would. Photographs of beautiful projects (and having seen one I am deeply envious, but in a good way) they can only brighten a persons day. And we all need a little bit of that.