Just hear those sleigh bells jingling …


I know, I know, it’s July (don’t worry, you haven’t just slept for five months and woken up in December).

I’ve been missing in action (again) because I’ve been hard at work on an actual genuine crafty project.
July 081
With Kitty spending more and more time at nursery in preparation for my return to work, I’ve had a little time to pull out some projects from the back of the cupboard, and I’m starting with a quilt.  Or should that be re-starting?
July 091

July 085
I started properly not last Christmas, or the one before that, but the one before that (I think).  It’s a barbed wire quilt using Moda’s Let it Snow  fabric which needs a good amount of the contrast colour to make the stars, far more than I had so it got tucked in a bag while I searched the internet for a matching jelly roll, a charm pack and another charm pack.

July 090

I think I’d originally made about a third of the quilt and I had most of the jelly roll (some of it got pilfered for Kitty’s stocking) and the charm packs to chop up into 4.5″ or 6.5″ little rectangles.

July 088

If I’d cut the white to the right size to start with I’d have had enough but for some reason I started cutting them too large – lesson learned, don’t watch telly and cut.
July 094
So now I’ve got lots of little piles of rectangles, just ready for the moment when Miss Kitty has a little nap, and I’ve got time to abandon the housework in favour of my sewing machine.  I might even finish it before Christmas.

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