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Double Figures .. Again


It’s months this time, our little Kitty-cakes has hit double again – 10 months old today.
July 356
10 months? How can she be 10 months? Wasn’t it only a month or so ago that a small, warm, mewling, bundle of baby girl, with dark hair and beautiful big eyes was lifted up to me for her very first cuddle?
July 346
They say that the big development milestones hit around the threes and multiples thereof and Kit spent the last month reaching them in leaps and bounds. Literally.

On our birthday she could commando crawl slowly, with some strategic rolling, crossing a room in a gentle zig-zag. One month on and she’s got crawling nailed, first commando crawling at speed and now the bottom’s up and she’s full speed ahead – into the kitchen, down the hall, round and round the lounge.
July 343
A serious reorganisation and the next level of baby proofing is on the cards for the not too distant future.
July 334
I went back to work part-time a couple of weeks ago and Kitty seems to have (finally) settled in to nursery.  I give her big cuddles in the sling all the way from the car, and then pop her into a highchair and pass her her breakfast toast, and I scuttle off as she tuck in.
July 366

Truth be told, it’s still hard to leave her, she’s just so much fun at this age, so much more interactive than even a month ago; she’s all big smiles and chatty noises, and she knows what “clap” and “wave” mean and can match the action to the word.
July 378
This afternoon we sat and chatted in the kitchen as I cooked (I tell her what I’m doing and she says “agooo”) and then sat in the garden in her new little tent (a present from her Daddy who knows how much his little girl loves being outside).  We played with her teddies, sang songs, and read Room on the Broom (to an appreciative audience increased by a little boy next door up a tree).
July 380

July 363

She is our love, and with H, the centre of my world. Happy 10-month birthday my little love.  Your next landmark birthday is going to be a big one.
July 362