First tooth


Yes it’s true. Miss Kitty has today cut her first tooth, her lower left front. Where before all was tense white gum, now there is a tiny sharp ridge poking through.
June 002
It is sadly too small to photograph but after she bit H as he tried to check with a newly washed finger he assures me that it’s very real.
June 001
We are of course incredibly proud and just a little relived to find a good reason for the grump she threw yesterday morning.
June 003
And with exquisite timing her rose, a Christmas present from Grannie and Grandpa, exploded into flower.

Tomorrow if it’s sunny we’ll take pictures of the girl with the flower that bears her name. I’m hoping to make this a yearly tradition but that presupposes that I can keep the rose alive long enough.

For now she’s just proving that although she’s Daddy on the outside, it’s Mummy the bookworm on the inside, with the thrilling page-turner that is That’s Not My Monkey

June 004

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  • mandycharlie 05/06/2011 at 12:21 pm

    Has she got her own tooty peg brush yet? Great photo’s of Kitty the book worm.