A swatch, a sleeve and two pocket linings


That’s the sum of a long weekend’s worth of knitting. And the sleeve looks remarkably like a rewound ball of crinkly Madelinetosh 80/10/10.

The dry swatch suggested that I was knitting a little tighter than the 16.5 st to 4” gauge for the Grown Up Hoodie, but when I swished it and laid it out to dry it had gone the other way. “Ah-Ha!” I thought, “as I fall a bit in between two sizes I’ll cast on the smaller size and it will end up a bit bigger”. Cunning, no?

The swatch stayed loose and floppy over the weekend and I merrily knit my sleeve, noting that it was currently more fitted than I really wanted but safe in the knowledge that my swatch told me it would grow.

Last night I finished the sleeve. And the pocket linings.

This morning I measured the swatch again. 17 and a smidge stitches to four inches. Grr.

A fast minute or two on the ball winder and it was all over. Alas poor sleeve I knit you well. The only saving grace is that the pocket linings are the same for the two sizes.

And now you hear me little jumper. If after all of this swatching and knitting and ripping, you have the temerity to be something less than perfect I will not only cut you into little pieces, bury you in the garden and deny all knowledge, I will, I will …..


You have been warned.

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  • mandycharlie 01/06/2011 at 11:20 pm

    Ooooh Madelinetosh, your talking my language. I’ll wager your hoodie will be gorgeous. Well it will once you’ve sorted out those mischievous yarn sprites!