Time for cake


After all of that crazy rushing at the end of last week we came home and set ourselves up in the kitchen to get ready for everyone coming at the weekend, and lo there was cake:

April 011
Raspberry Marscapone layer cake (recipe from Annie Bell’s Gorgeous Cakes book)
April 012
It’s three layers of almond whisked egg sponge with a raspberry/icing sugar/marscapone mixture in the middle and pink icing on top – I love this cake unreservedly.

And next up
April 015
Courgette cake (from Nigella’s Domestic Goddess)
April 016
The last time I made this cake I didn’t have any lemon or lime curd so I just put some of the top frosting (cream cheese, icing sugar and lime juice) in the middle and I think I prefer it that way.  With the lemon curd in the middle it’s still delicious but the tartness of the lemon can be too strong a flavour and overpowers the courgette.

Mmmmmm – cake! 

  • Rachel 17/04/2011 at 1:28 am

    OK–after all the emotional eating I’ve been doing during this last final push to get the dissertation/defense done, I finally started getting back on track with healthy eating a few days ago. Did NOT need to see these cakes. Both look so yummy!