Family Kitty Knitting



Kitty’s lovely uncle C doesn’t get much time off work, and when he does have time off it tends to be at odd moments, so when we heard that he was heading to Yorkshire to visit H’s parents and collect his new car we decided to make a whistlestop trip up north.

March 060
Kitty met Uncle C for only the second time in her life and H got to hang out with his little bro,

March 063
and by hang out we mean of course, wrassle, play football and resurrect a Nintendo from the early ’90s out of the attic.

Kitty also got to surprise her Great-Gran by turning up for tea and ginger-nuts on Sunday afternoon.

march 033
Great-Gran sang lullabies and played clapping games and she absolutely loved it.
march 010

march 012
And while Kitty was still hamming it up for the camera, and while the kettle boiled, we took one more photo;
march 025
Four generations of girls, all related to Kitty by blood and all related to each other by marriage – I love this photo.

As it is now decidedly March I have come up with some March crafty aims, and even made a start on one of them.

So, number 1 – finish my Tsuspense Tsocks.
March 019
It’s the final sock from the 2008 Tsock Club that came out over the year in little tiny packages.

I’d knit the first Part but then it all hit the wall and something else came along by the time Part II landed and it became the very oldest WIP on my needles, so it’s high time they were finished.

It’s the most mind bending sock construction yet, starting with a heel and heading out in both directions so that with all the needles it looks utterly insane and rather like I’m knitting with an in-progress game of Pik-a-Stick.
March 064

H rates it my craziest knitting yet!

I’ve got some other plans, including some knitted dishcloths to aleviate the dishcloth shortage, and a plan to finish the top of a Christmas quilt I started at least three Christmasses ago but for the moment I’m just hooked on these socks.

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  • mandycharlie 08/03/2011 at 12:24 am

    Now that would be impressive train knitting! Great picture of all four girls, I love it.

  • Caroline M 08/03/2011 at 11:46 am

    I wear my striped socks a lot, I wish I’d knitted the toes solid though. I am currently knitting tubes for those heels to fit into, an afterthought heel with a gusset is something worth trying out.

    Your little girlie has a lovely smile.