Warm tummies


I know I’ve been a bit Kitty-heavy in the blog posting recently; I mean I’m besotted with her, and so is her Daddy, her Aunts and Uncles, her Grandparents and her Godmummy Mandy, but apparently the rest of the known universe doesn’t revolve around my daughter (who knew!) (and are they sure, I mean, can we really be certain).  Okay, okay, I promise to be good, and today I have actually knitting to show you, ably modelled by my gorgeous assistant:
March 214
I love spinning but there isn’t much point in spinning pretty yarn if it’s just going to sit in the stash so I’ve been hunting around Ravelry for patterns that use tiny amounts of not very well spun fluffy yarn.
March 237

March 238
The yarn is my first attempt at spinning a singles yarn from last year’s Tour de Fleece from a mini batt; it was mostly DK weight with a bit of thick and thin and lots of little scraps of silk and sprinkle, and the pattern is the ever-versatile Milo.

I didn’t use any of the cable patterns to try to stretch the available yarn as far as possible.  In the end, as you see, it still wasn’t enough so the bottom ribbing is Noro Cash Iroha from the leftovers box but I think it compliments it nicely.
March 239

March 240

Today was a beautiful warm fresh sunny day, we had the windows open to air the house and all the laundry has been out on the line for that clean air smell.  Now that it’s getting warmer, and now that Kitty is going for food in a big way, short sleeves let her wriggle around more easily, and make her easier to clean up so a little vest top is perfect for keeping her toasty warm.

March 241

March 242

March 243

Given that it has today survived an onslaught of cucumber and banana I think this is a winner – I’ve got my eye on a variation with little elephants on it!

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  • mandycharlie 25/03/2011 at 9:12 pm

    Such wonderful photo’s of our Kitty, along with such a nice warm tummy top. I think it is wonderful and the way you have tucked into the bottom just a little bit of Noro Cash Iroha is truly Genius!