The evening after the afternoon before


March 001

It was a wonderful party. Most of my pictures are of the babies and so not internet friendly but imagine five very cute and wiggly little girls, and one very cheerful little boy who had all the ladies to himself for an afternoon.  The mummies drank tea, chatted, and demolished a serious quantity of cake.

We had scones with jam and cream, homemade lemon drizzle cake, and a second incarnation of my sandcastle cake, after the first one (which you can see in the background) emerged from the tin in a shape more reminiscent of a post tide-fight edifice.

As we brought out C’s present she told us we were very naughty if we’d bought her something, to which we all giggled and said that technically we hadn’t, it was just a little something that the babies had made, with a little help.

And when she’d unwrapped it and realised that it wasn’t from a shop, and it wasn’t coincidence that it had the babies’ names on it, I think she was a little blown away, which is pretty much what we were aiming for.

Our little group of eight mummies have grown so close over the past few months, it’s crazy to think I didn’t know them this tine last year, and we’re really going to miss C and little L, so it’s nice to have given them a really good send off

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