Kitty Knitting

Can you tell what it is yet?


March 099

How about if I turn it round a bit?
March 100
Now that I’ve got a bit further along it’s definitely easier to see how this is going to turn out to be a wearable sock; just two more sections to go, and no prizes for guessing the final colours.

As it is completely addictive knitting; you always want to do just one more section; I’ve been rather monogamous in my knitting and have nothing but intentions to show you, and they don’t photograph very well.

Accordingly I shall resort to my fall back – a Kitty fix.
March 093
And yes I have turned into a Mamarazzi. With somewhat unintended consequences.
March 090
On Tuesday at the Vicarage pancake party we were organising pancake races up and down the garden; Kitty (in the sling) and I were one half of the finish line and busy watching the children trying to subtly hold onto the pancakes with their fingers until Kitty spotted people taking photos of the races at which point she wriggled around to face the camera and smiled angelically at them – the girl knows how to work a camera

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