Well my little sweetheart it’s that day again,
March 145
Yes, you are officially another month older and wiser, and this one’s a special month birthday – now you are six months old, a whole half year – how on earth did we manage that one.
March 160
So what are you like at six months? Well you are still our true joy and delight, you have the sunniest soul and a gorgeous smile for anyone who’ll take time to play smiley faces with you.
March 150
After a few weeks of rolling over with one hand still stuck under your tummy you’ve finally mastered flipping over onto your tummy and you’re very proud of yourself (and we are too).  If you could just master flipping back again you’d need less rescuing from face-plant doom when being on your tummy is just too much.
March 153
So far we haven’t seen any teeth poking through although they still look like they’re on the brink of emerging and you’ve all the signs; sore gums, pink cheeks and a deep affection for Bonjella.
March 165
This last month we’ve started to let you try different food and now that you’re six months it’s full steam ahead to try all sorts of solids.  For lunch today you tried a little bit of Mummy’s toast and then had some baby corn, cucumber and banana, and now hand-mushed banana is plastering chunks of your hair to your head.
March 164
Daddy took the day off work today and as a special half-birthday treat we took you for your very first baby swimming class.  I’m not quite sure what you made of it but you smiled a few times and didn’t cry so we’ll make it a weekly feature I think.
March 122
But best of all the things you have done this month, when I carry you a little arm comes sneaking around my neck to cling on and you snuggle your face into my shoulder.  Daddy on the other hand is hoping that you’ll grow out of using his nose as a grab hold every time you go up and down stairs.
March 107
I can’t believe that you’re six months old already, you still seem so new, and at the same time, you’ve always been part of our little family of three.  We love you little squeaky peach

love Mummy and Daddy

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  • Carrie 22/03/2011 at 5:01 pm

    Kitty is beautiful, so pleased you are enjoying being a Mum. You think 6 months has gone quick, my ‘baby’ is 18 and that has flown by 🙂

  • Stasher 30/03/2011 at 3:31 pm