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Mummy’s Little Helper


The very great wonderfulness of Sanguine Gryphon’s Bugga sock yarn has been widely proclaimed across the internets.  It is unbelievably soft (that would be the cashmere) and comes in wonderful colours that make my heart sing.  Knitting with it you can understand why people are willing to stalk updates; when site overloads made selling from the online shop unworkable I was lucky enough to win the lottery for a space to buy two skeins and I treasure them.

Now I knew I was going to enjoy knitting with it; that’s why I choose it to take to my Cookie A sock class and use it for my Phoenix socks but it’s had an unexpected  consequence that I never envisaged when I made that first purchase.

You see Miss Kitty spends a good part of every day snuggling with her Mummy.  If she’s finished a feed and done her little girly burps, she often sits and chats to me, and I’ve got enough lap length that she can sit facing me, supported by my nursing pillow on my knees.  We play blerum, sing songs and make smiley faces, and sometimes she plays with her dolly Emily and I pick up my knitting for a few rounds.

I suspect she’s now seen enough knitting to have a good idea about how it works, she’ll sometimes catch the yarn through her hands and sometimes the finger movements look very like she’s getting a bit of practice in, but now she’s decided that at the grand age of 15.5 weeks she is definitely old enough to join in:

January 079
“Hands off Mummy! The Bugga’s all mine.”
January 072
Now as we all know, Miss Kitty is oh so terribly advanced and talented for her tender years, but even I, who truly believe her to be a super special snowflake and the cleverest girl in the whole wide world, cannot with all truthfulness give you cause to believe that she simply picked up the needles and carried on knitting.

She grabbed the needle. She wiggled the needle. She pulled the needle out of the stitches.  Twice.

But given how much she seems to take in as she sits on a variety of willing knees at Thursday Knit and Natter I don’t think it’ll be that many years before I’m looking for a pair of little girl needles.

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  • mandycharlie 11/01/2011 at 12:33 pm

    She’s our youngest member! – and our quietest!

    We all look forward to seeing her, she is a gorgeous giggly girl.

    I am sure she will be designing by the time she is eight.