Snow time


I really didn’t mean to leave it so long without a new post but as usual real life whipped up a maelstrom of Christmas parties and lunches, and Miss Kitty has her own views on what we should be doing and when and I tend to have my hands full relishing being her Mummy.

Anyway … where were we?
December 222
A certain someone has become increasingly fascinated with our tree; mainly the lights and the glass bead decorations that sparkle, so we spend a good deal of time tree gazing and I try to explain Christmas and tell her all about our different baubles and the special one which will eventually start her collection (remind me to show it to you sometime).

H finished work for his Christmas break on Friday and the world at large celebrated with a beautiful blanket of powdery white that arrived on Saturday morning. 
December 273
Being the crazy mad used-top-be-scientists that we are we started a measuring system using H’s seemingly never ending supply of Cafe Nero reward cards.
December 262
Card one was placed an hour and 4 minutes before this picture was taken, and the card that we placed immediately afterwards had about the same depth of covering by the time the snow stopped falling a couple of hours later.

We are also intrepid wannabe-explorers (and a little crazy with it; Bear Grylls being a role model) who consider that hot chocolate in the snow requires squirty cream so we bundled up, wrapped Kitty in as many layers as fit under her buggy straps and set off for a walk to the next village for supplies.

Things we now know:

1- Kitty much preferred being in Mummy’s arms until she had dozed off.December 190
2 – our village is very pretty in the snow (actually we knew that anyway)
December 191
3. The abominable snowman can come to life..
December 200
4. If you push your daughter in her buggy to the next village through several inches of snow and with more falling all the time, the snow collecting in the buggy base with make the start of a teeny tiny snowbaby (sadly and rather damply deceased along the aisles of Coop)
December 204
5. Pushing the buggy home again, loaded with squirty cream and a few other necessities (beer) was a lot harder work.  There are no pictures, we were too busy pushing.

6. When you have been for an expedition in the snow for a couple of hours and your buggy is on wheels and not skis, the warmth generated by the effort required to push a laden buggy back up the hill to your house renders the hot chocolate superfluous to requirement.  The squirty cream is now in the fridge awaiting developments.

7. I still had the energy to do a roly-poly down the front bank though. Definitely no photo evidence.

So here we are, five days til Christmas.  I have finished the Christmas knitting (evidence on Ravelry for those entirely unrelated to me), the presents are wrapped and under the tree and in due course I will make mince pies and the whole house will start to smell wonderfully seasonal (and ever so slightly alcoholic).

For now, I leave you with Kitty – I asked her whether she was excited about Christmas!
December 241

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  • Mary 21/12/2010 at 9:55 am

    Hahaha, she’s her mother’s daughter then…

    I’m sure you’ll think of something to do with the squirty cream. Mine usually involve Christmas chocolates and bananananananas. Cos then it’s one of the 5 a day.