It’s been …3 months!


Good Morning sweet little Kitty, Happy Three Month Birthday.

Now that you are three months old you:

– still love to wriggle your feet and dance for joy (although Mummy has discovered that you can’t wriggle out of stripy tights so they’re a popular wardrobe choice)
December 293
– have just started to discover that you have two hands and they’re both yours.  It’s so cute to see you try to pull your fingers but mostly you have your little fists with the thumb tucked through; comfy cosy and perfect for noshing on when you think you might just be starting to be hungry.
December 288
– have got a lot stronger and a lot longer; you are rapidly growing out of your 0-6 month growbag and it won’t be too long before you’re stretching the seams of your 3-6month baby gros.

– leave a tide mark of hair every time you have a bath; the second wave is coming but it isn’t growing too fast.

– love it when we sing to you.

– love your cuddles with Mummy and Daddy.

– recognise Daddy by his special “kkkkkkk” noise.

– giggle.

December 308
but you still aren’t that excited by snow.  We’re working on it I promise.

We love you lots lovely wee lass

love Mummy

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  • Julie Smith 24/12/2010 at 5:57 am

    That sweet little face! Agh! My daughter used to tuck her thumb in her fist and nosh just like that. So cute.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!