Christmas Day


Christmas was wonderful.  A first Christmas for Kitty aged 13 weeks and a first white Christmas that I can remember for me (aged 30 years).
December 049
Kitty woke us up with a smile for Daddy and we headed downstairs to see if Father Christmas had been
December 053
(he had)
December 054
and to tuck into breakfasts of milk for Kitty and cinnamon swirl rolls, coffee and juice for H and me.
December 057
Miss Kitty may not quite have grasped the true reason for the season, or why she was suddenly presented with a bulging stocking the same size as she is
December 061
but I think she liked the shiny things that came out of it
December 066
particularly a little lamb that baaas and a little chick that chirrups.  Mummy and Daddy may also quite like playing with them too.

I’d spent pretty much all of Christmas Eve in the kitchen baking up a storm and getting everything ready for Christmas lunch so on the day itself it’s pretty easy cooking, just add things to the oven at set times and it all came together pretty well.

December 086
We may still only be setting two places at the table but last year we didn’t have a teeny tiny 15lb 7oz three month old sat in her bouncy seat between us, and lunch was all the sweeter for it.  Even if she did fall asleep, I suspect lunch may have been a welcome relief from a little bit of sensory overload after a lot of wonderful new toys emerged from the shiny parcels under the tree.

Her big present from us was a baby play gym (it’s Fisher Price Rainforest if you’re curious)
December 074
And despite my having committed the schoolgirl Mummy error of buying the wrong batteries so we couldn’t test out the chirpy tunes and rain forest sounds until H made a battery and chocolate expedition yesterday, she seemed to love it.
December 080
We know this because of (a) the smiles and (b) …
December 099
the feet!

This is the clearest photo I have of Kitty’s feet which were wiggling ten to the dozen the whole time.  She’s lying in it now and having a good chat to some butterflies, and the feet are still going strong.

Her other favourite present I’m struggling to show you; her lovely aunt gave her a new sparkly red party dress which fit her beautifully for Christmas day over a red babygro.  The bodice is red velvet and the skirt is red satin with sequins sewn all over it, covered with a layer of red net and fluffed out with petticoats.  It looks so pretty on her, she shares my colouring and it’s a really good red.  The only ‘problem’ is that the skirt is such a fun texture to little baby hands that she spent the entire day trying to pull the skirt over her head!
December 096
and nothing would persuade her to put it down long enough for Mummy to get photos!

It was a wonderful day, I hope yours was similarly blessed.  And I leave you with a photo that I found when I uploaded the camera photos.
December 088
Kitty is asleep and so am I.  When I woke up I thought I’d only had a tiny nap because I’d only missed about 10 minutes of It’s a Wonderful Life only to discover later that H had paused it for 20 minutes while he spoke to a friend on the phone. He thought we looked sweet so he tucked us up with blankets so that we couldn’t move and recorded the event for posterity.

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  • Caroline M 27/12/2010 at 5:31 pm

    It is a lovely dress, the first gym photo shows it really nicely.

    We had a great day too, it was the year of the perfect turkey which always helps (that and Santa not coming before 7.30)

  • mandycharlie 27/12/2010 at 6:10 pm

    Miss Kitty looks like she had a wonderful day with all of her new toys. Which are absolutely gorgeous and I am quite envious! I love the brightly coloured rain forest gym, its amazing!

    You both look absolutely contented whilst having a little nap together. I softly said ‘aaaww’ when I spied that piccie.