Of Pseudonyms


Seeing as Little Bear isn’t really a good name for a little girl, and as H and I have decided that the wee lassie shall be blog-anonymous until she is old enough to decide for herself, we’ve been casting around for a good blog nickname for her.  Her real name doesn’t give itself easily to nicknames (which is part of the reason why we like it so much) and whilst I frequently call her ‘slush-bomb’ (the Mummies among you can work out why), that too doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

So after much deliberation, and with the most tenuous links, her bloggy nickname is  …. (drumroll please) …. Kitty.

And speaking of little girls with nicknames, I’ve mentioned before that H and I sponsor a little girl in China by the pseudonym of Heidi through the Pearl River Outreach program.  Our sponsorship paid for her foster carer’s salary so that she did not have to live in an orphanage while she was waiting to (hopefully) be adopted.  In that foster care she was loved and cherished and given the chance to learn how to be a part of a family to give her the best preparation for life with her adoptive family.

With beautiful timing, the day after Kitty was born we received an e-mail from Pearl River to say that Heidi had been adopted and had moved home with her forever family.  Needless to say it was the icing on the cake to a perfect week and we are now celebrating the addition to our long distance family of our new Bamboo baby, Miss Scarlett:

She’s almost two (her birthday’s on 17th November) and lives in Changsha in central China.  She may not have Heidi’s awesome three bunches hair-do but she’s another little cutie. As H says; “we’re going to need some more photo frames!”

Pearl River currently need sponsors for a number of the Bamboo Babies – the sponsorship is not bank breaking at $35 a month (which works out at about £22-£25 as the exchange rate fluctuates) – so go and see if any of these little ones are a long distance part of your family.

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  • Nic 05/11/2010 at 5:16 pm

    Thanks for the pointer to the Pearl River organisation. A good friend of mine has recently adopted from Vietnam and her child was also raised by foster family until she was a year old, so this is a cause I can really relate to.

    BTW, was thinking that you would go with Little Bear, but Kitty is lovely. Hi Kitty. Welcome.

  • mandycharlie 05/11/2010 at 8:50 pm

    Hubby says Ni Hao (hello) but we should say a traditional Changsha greeting ‘Chi guo fan le ma’, which means ‘have you eaten rice yet’, to Miss Scarlet, all this came about because Hubby reminded me of the time we had entertained clients from Changsha, not forgetting Hubby traveled extensively in China. And by the way she looks a real cutie and hopefully very soon she will find her family of her dreams, knowing how difficult it is to find a loving home for girls in China. You do good work you two.

    Kitty sounds such a perfect name, not least because she almost purrs when she is asleep. She certainly looks like the cat that has the cream in the top photograph. And probably has had!

  • Rachel 05/11/2010 at 10:02 pm

    Aw, I’ll miss ‘Little Bear’…seemed gender neutral to me (although I may not be the best to ask about that!). But I’ll welcome news on ‘Kitty’!.

    Thanks for the link to Pearl River…I’d not heard of this organization. But sounds like a wonderful cause!