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Happy Thursday! Or if you’re the other side of the pond, Happy Thanksgiving! Whilst we don’t have a thanksgiving holiday in the UK for somewhat obvious reasons (no surviving long sea voyages to foreign climes, we just stayed put and practised our morris dancing), I do like the idea of a day to focus on giving thanks so with a degree of cultural magpie-ism I have hoicked certain elements of today’s holiday from those colonials, namely the thankfulness and the food.

I asked H what he was thankful for and apart from the obvious (Kitty and me) he is thankful for the invention of beer and chocolate.  I’m thankful for H and Kitty and after that I give my thanks to the makers of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges and merino sheep.  Kitty, were she able to voice an opinion, would I’m sure be thankful for Mummy’s milk bar and her little zebra.  Maybe we haven’t quite got to grips with this yet.  Actually I’ve just remembered another one … I’m thankful that when Kitty’s Great-Great-Uncle and Aunt sent her a wonderful parcel they remembered that the first time they met me, Uncle P stood on a chair to shake my hand because he claimed I was too tall to say hello to at ground level – they sent clothes in 3-6 and 6-9 month sizes and my 9 week old, 13lb 12.5oz daughter and I are devoutly grateful.

In the food stakes, well we were already having roast chicken, and I’ve always wondered what sweet potatoes with marshmallows taste like, and whether it should be a pudding or a genuine vegetable dish so after a bit of internet research I set to.

My version was sweet potatoes boiled and then mashed with a dollop of butter, a splash of orange juice and a dash of vanilla extract and then topped with marshmallows:
November 195

Even before it went in the oven the marshmallows were starting to melt and slide,
November 197

and when it came out it had all gone wonderfully gooey
November 199

so, supper a la Carie
November 198

chicken, yorkshires, cabbage and the potato experience. Conclusion: delicious, although I’m still not entirely convinced that it isn’t pudding!

H isn’t so wild about sweet potatoes so I made him a version of his favourite starter at our village pub – cheesy garlic mushrooms – which went down a treat.

And lest you fear that I have forgotten the obligatory Kitty picture, or the fact that this blog purports to be about all things yarn, let me introduce my two birds to your one stone:
November 212
Kitty sporting a hat and mittens set that I made for her a little while ago but never quite got around to photographing.  It’s the same baby hat pattern as I used for her little green hat and has been the best fitting out of all her hats by a country mile – when she grows out of this one I’ll just make another with more stitches or slightly thicker yarn, that’s how great it is!

Now I believe I still have some sweet potatoes left – time for pudding …. do you think they would taste good with custard?

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  • Mary 26/11/2010 at 8:08 am

    Hee hee, I remember Pip’s Littlun at that age, going to the post-natal checkups and all the other parents with their teeny-tiny 0-3mth babies going “isn’t he a bit old to still be coming to these?”

    Kitty definitely has the right level of knitwear for this weather though – apparently minus 4 this morning!

  • mandycharlie 26/11/2010 at 9:26 am

    But, do you like the pink ones or the white ones best?

  • Caroline M 27/11/2010 at 11:50 am

    Hold the marshmallows on mine thank you.

    I’d look to see how big my munchkin was at that age but that would involve finding the very important red book that ceased to be of any use right after the immunisations finished.