A red letter day


The number 21 is considered very lucky in my little family; H and I were born on a 21st and Kitty followed suit, so it seemed only appropriate that when we settled on a day for her next milestone we found another perfect 21 ready and waiting for us.

Today, our little Kitty, aged exactly two months, was welcomed into her church family at her Baptism.  We had a wonderful service attended by our family and close friends as well as our usual congregation, who are all part of the ever expanding Kitty fan club. I think the most special moment for me was tracing the sign of the cross on her forehead, followed by H and her godparents, and then one of our senior members of the congregation who ‘signed’ on behalf of all her regular church family.  Both we and Kitty are blessed to be surrounded by a church family who will love and support all three of us as she grows up and it meant the world to H and I to share today with them all.

After the service we pushed the limits of our house from heaving to bursting as we filled it with friends, family and cake.  It was wonderful to see family, the friends are treasures, particularly two very awesome godparents, and the cake … well I did have the four and a half year old top layer of our wedding cake, I did serve it, and some people even ate it … but following the golden rule of special occasion catering (get it at Marks and Spencer) we ordered a three layer sponge extravaganza with pink icing and her name on it, which was delicious (and pink – I’m rapidly learning the importance of pink where baby girls are concerned).

I’d love to show you pictures of Miss Kitty in the family christening dress that her father wore 30 and a bit years ago, or the formal picture of us all by the font .. or the cake, but my camera is sat on the coffee table and there it has remained all day – just not enough hands.  So friends and family who are reading I’m entirely reliant on you for some piccies to put in the special christening photo album that she was given – at my signal unleash your e-mail!

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  • mandycharlie 22/11/2010 at 12:54 pm

    It was a very special day, thank you.