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Well I didn’t mean to leave you all hanging for quite so long but it turns out that blogging pales in comparison to (a) gazing adoringly at my daughter and (b) sleeping.  There has been a lot of the former but not so much of the latter!

So let me tell you all about our little girl.  Well you already know she took her time in making an appearance. I finally went into labour on Sunday night and I’ll never know whether it was the glass of prosecco or scrubbing the kitchen floor that did the trick (for future reference I’m claiming the prosecco).  We were due at the hospital on Monday morning anyway to be induced and as I wasn’t quite far enough along when we turned up they added the induction on top.  It turns out she must have been really comfy because it wasn’t until Tuesday evening that this little gorgeous girl finally made her entrance.  I’m told that that’s about average for an induction but when you’re sat there with a tiny minutes-old baby gazing up at you, you really don’t care.

What I do know is that my team of midwives were superb and I cannot thank them or praise them highly enough.
September 013
But enough of her arrival, what about the little girl herself. Well first of all she does have a name; it was ready and waiting for her and seems to suit as much of her personality as she has made known at 1 week old.  I haven’t decided on her level of blog anonymity just yet so for now I’m taking a leaf out of Daphne du Maurier and simply promising that she has a beautiful and unusual name.
September 023
She was born with a shock of dark brown hair and these beautiful big dark eyes which gazed up at me with a fairly puzzled expression as if to say ‘this, this is what you brought me out for?’
September 079
Her hands are tiny and delicate with strikingly long fingers, rivalled only by her lanky long legs – truly my daughter.
September 059
For the most part I think she looks like her Daddy although the grandparents, prompted into reminiscing all of our baby photos claim a look of me and a look of H’s sister (who looks very like H ). Mostly she is her own sweet self; she has Daddy wrapped around her little finger and I am of course her adoring slave.

September 115

She is truly the best thing we ever made