Five for a Friday


To answer some questions, many of which you never knew you had!

1. I haven’t reinforced the steek stitches on the baby blanket for two, possibly three, very important reasons.  Firstly, the yarn is beautifully sticky and is highly unlikely to go anywhere.  When I made the Kauni cardigan none of the steeks unravelled anywhere near the machine reinforcement and some of them (the ones around the armholes) remain unfinished all this time later without any unravelling.  The structure of knitted fabric is such that much as it likes unravelling from the top down, it struggles to disentangle itself going sideways – try tearing a sheet of paper in two directions at 90 degrees to one another – it will tear much more easily and more neatly one way than the other.

The other two very important reasons are that I’m not sure that the baby blanket tube would fit on my sewing machine, particularly given that there was a live needle in the top of it and (and this is the really important one) – inherent laziness on my part.

My current plan is to pick up and knit little facings to cover the steeks so all little loose ends will be neatly tucked away – away from picky little fingers that might find the idea of a fringe just too much to bear!

2. I have more than one patch of daisies in my lawn – but they do grow in patches because the garden is shaded by an enormous tree and they grow around the outline of the tree. Sort of.

3.If you happen to be stung by a bee on the ball of your foot between your middle toes on a Tuesday it is very painful.  The pain is not related to the day of the week but if you happen to be so hugely pregnant that easy access to your feet is but a distant memory and it therefore takes you a while to get to take the barb out (because these things only happen when you’re own your own), that apparently can make it hurt more.

4. Vinegar really does work to take the pain away.  Despite the internets suggesting that it’s no more effective than running the afflicted limb under a cold tap.  My sample of just me says ‘vinegar all the way’.  It also says ‘remember to buy more vinegar when you do the grocery shopping’

5. The swelling from the bee sting will puff up not only the bottom of your foot but also the top of your foot and your toes and three days later you will still feel as if you are walking around with a lump of plasticine stuck between your toes.  The fact that it is now a smidgen cooler outside has rendered me slightly less grumpy about the whole affair.  In the meantime I am self-medicating with a touch of knitting.

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  • Caroline M 03/07/2010 at 7:36 am

    Sorry about the sting, I’m nursing a bite on my elbow so I can relate to the swelling.I booked an appointment with a chiropodist in my last weeks of pregnancy because cutting my toenails was an impossibility. The only one I could find locally was teamed up with a reflexologist so I had my nails done (and painted) and then stroked and poked. It was lovely, good enough for me to forget that I felt like a walrus.