I’ve been working down in London today which involved both a horribly early start and a long nap when I got home so it seems a little strange to be telling you all about something that’s happenning in Birmingham but this is time sensitive information; at least it is if you live in the area and have half a chance of ending up in Brum sometime this week because this is the week of the Birmingham International Food Fair.  It’s a bit like the German Christmas market except that it isn’t Christmas and it isn’t German (see, just like it), but there is lots of lovely food and when H had a meeting in Brum last week on the first day of the fair, we did manage to find the German sausage stand:

June 135

and the Ostrich burger stand, although that disappeared too quickly for photographic evidence to be procured.

June 134
There’s a big beer tent which I don’t get to go to, and a Pimms stand (alas! alas!) and a wonderful Barbeque at the top of Victoria square:
June 130
They’ll cook you just about anything barbeque and pop it in a baguette for you – including the very tempting but temporarily off-limits surf and turf baguette (steak and king prawns).

Although we’ve been sorry not to find the homemade ice-cream stand again this year, I can personally recommend the Kangaroo burgers, just about every variety of little Italian almond paste cakes, the cheese topped bagels and the vegatable noodles

June 128

and I’m reliably informed that the cheese and bacon topped bagels are also very good. 

The only thing I’d steer clear of is something described as Prawnies, and that look a bit like giant prawns; a friend sampled them last year and reports that they are basically hot Ocean sticks in prawn shapes – not the thing to have when there’s so much wonderful food to try.

The fair lasts until Sunday so I’ve got three more lunches to choose (and maybe a bit of shopping for the weekend) and the current front runners are the hog roast and the paella and definitely another bagel!

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  • mandycharlie 16/06/2010 at 1:30 am

    We went this evening, we are stuffed! Can recommend the sirloin steaks in a batch, potatoes in cream, cheese and ham, comfort food at its best. We managed to share a portion of the tiny little pancakes doused in Nutella and then… ‘oink’ we had to share a portion of the spanish meatballs (which were absolutely spot on)

    I would have loved to have tried the nougat, but they had closed by the time we got back to them. (I am going to look on the net, nougat can’t be that difficult to make can it?) And tell me if you or anyone you know has tried the sesame strudel, that looked fascinating. It will either be very good or blugh.

    Enjoy your next three lunches, I am deeply envious.

  • Caroline M 16/06/2010 at 2:55 pm

    I like the sugar coated nuts, they are spiced and sweet and salty at the same time. I like lemon on my pancakes, Nutella is too sweet for me.

    I don’t know why I’m telling you this though because you can’t parcel them up and send them over.