When I grow up I want to be…


It’s Ascot season and as a select number of partners disappeared out of the office today to take clients to Ladies’ Day, those of us that were left engaged in a little bit of ‘giddy’, and checked out all of the photos of the hats and a horse named StrawberryDaquiri.

There’s one lady who crops up in all of the photos and seems to be as much an Ascot fixture as the Queen herself; a certain Mrs Edward Claridge about whom I know nothing save for the fact that I love her hats.

I’m just a smidgen too much of a good girl to shamelessly hoick photos off the Internet but by the powers of linky-dink may I please direct you to

Day 1 – a stunning towering confection of lilac silk hollyhocks and what look to be peonies

and then
Day 2 – a nest of pink frothy butterfly bows.

She’s so completely all out there and looks like she’s having a wonderful time with it.  So here’s my plan: when I grow up I’m going to learn how to make extravagant hats just like these that suit me and persuade H to dress up to the nines and take me to Ladies’ Day where I will sport my creation with serene confidence and have a wonderful day.

You’ll know I’ve done it the year they report an overly high number of gentlemen seeking first aid for eye injuries after encountering my hat!

PS – in news from the International Food Market I can now also recommend the Hog Roast, the Tartiflette (potatoes and bacon in a cream and cheese sauce) and the Cherry Strudel.  I have the steak batch in my sights for tomorrow!

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  • Caroline M 18/06/2010 at 4:55 pm

    I imagine that it’s rather like flower arranging, it’s all about covering the base that is holding everything together and then making sure that the whole lot doesn’t topple over.

    If you have a girl pirate then you will have someone to practise on in a few years.

    Mmmm, cherry strudel.

  • Rachel 19/06/2010 at 1:57 am

    Oh my. What more is there to say?