Baby Knitting

Countermanding the grey


Well it may be getting slightly warmer around here, but I’m still waiting on that summer sunshine.  It’s June, the month of sandals and balmy summer evenings and lazing around watching little puffy clouds scud across a deep deep blue sky, and what do we have? Grey, more grey and a fair amount of damp and chilly.

Now I know that I have been secretly hoping that this summer won’t be too much of a scorcher for somewhat obvious reasons but even my walking waterproof is straining at the seams and becoming more of a crop top waterproof! Come on sun, shine!

My inner colour magpie however, is hard at work to lift the gloom because I have new shoes:

May 181

and I love them very much – bright lime green Birkenstocks.  I love them because they are green and because I don’t have to bend over to do them up – my toes are a long way away at the best of times and with a little wriggly baby bump in the way as well, you can see why I love these shoes so much.  Purple socks are of course entirely optional and weather dependant!
And, to add red to purple and green, I started a new baby knit:

May 176

It’s the Twinkle baby cardigan (a free Ravelry download) in a skein of unlabelled sock yarn from the stash.

And best of all, my cold appears to be waning and H comes home tomorrow from three weeks of business trips – yippee.  I’ve just got to finish off any secretive knitting that may or may not have been going on while he was away and hide it somewhere suitable!

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