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One of the great unexplained mysteries of the universe is why cooking on the Barbecue is definitely a boy thing, requiring me merely to make a salad and turn up and eat, and yet cooking the same food under the grill in the kitchen, that would be my remit.  Happily, I’ll sign up any hint of summer as a reason to crack open the charcoal, and H is very good at cooking with fire.

Saturday, however, I got to see what happens when the boys decided that simply toasting marshmallows in the dying embers really wasn’t enough, and took barbecue puddings to a whole new level.

First, you take your cookie and your tinfoil:
June 054
Then add a gentle sprinkling of marshmallows.
June 057
Decide that you probably need a few more than that
June 060
In fact, why not go for a good smothering
June 065
top with another cookie
June 067
and put your little tin foil parcel on the barbecue for 10 minutes.
June 075
Unwrap and indulge:
June 080

June 083

I’m told that the resultant goo is sweet, sticky, chocolaty and rather wonderful although the bump and I decided that it might be a sugar hit too far for both of us and stuck to scooping up a few of the escaping mini marshmallows from the bag.

All I can report is that one member of our party was unable to finish his, despite a very valiant effort, and another, who shall remain entirely anonymous, could be observed working off the after effects by performing a very elegant pixie dance around the back garden.  Happily we were able to persuade him to have a little lie down before he had to drive a car again to avoid any interaction with the powers that be on the grounds of being sweet and disorderly.

But it was the remains one cookie that gave me a really good idea.
June 089
You see this stuff is sticky.
June 090
Really sticky.
June 093
Possibly the stickiest gooiest thing I’ve come across in a while.
June 094
Does anyone have a number for BP? I think the boys may have inadvertently invented just the thing to plug their oil leak, or if it failed there, maybe we could try it on a certain Icelandic volcano? The excess cookies would be unlikely to go to waste.

June 003
Given my job of chief provider of greenery and bread rolls I had plenty of time to sit in a deckchair and knit in the evening sunshine which suits me perfectly.  I’ve mostly been working on the same little red baby jacket this week and it’s currently finished and drying after a quick wet block.
The baby’s coming on quite nicely too as far as I can tell; it’s been a wrigglish little babe today so it obviously approves of whatever I had for lunch.  H was wielding the camera for a little while at the weekend so I have a 27 week bump photo:

Carie 27weeks.1
Clematis, with matching stripy pregnant girl – not long to go now!

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  • Caroline M 08/06/2010 at 10:03 am

    On Saturday I sat in the fading sun and knitted while meat was blackened. I think it’s a flashback to their inner hunter, dragging their kill (back from Sainsbury’s) and then charring it over the cave fire.

    My pudding is banana, sliced and returned to its skin with slivers of chocolate in between the slices. Wrap in its skin and tinfoil and cook until warm and melty. Icecream optional. Popcorn and a bit of oil in a big tinfoil bag is good too.

  • mandycharlie 08/06/2010 at 7:45 pm

    Gosh, your bump has really changed since the last time I saw you and that was only a month ago! 13 weeks and counting eh, have you started to nest yet?

  • Rachel 10/06/2010 at 3:19 am

    Oh my. That ‘desert’ made me jittery just looking at it! I’m going to have to vote disgusting!

    Look at you!! So happy! And wow…just saw that clematis…beautiful!

  • Marisol 14/06/2010 at 2:36 pm

    Oh my God Carrie! You look gorgeous congratulations on your pregnancy! I love all your adorable knitted items. That orange little sweater is so precious:)