A technical question


No knitting today, or at least, I’ve been knitting and the blue/green spoldge of yesterday is starting to look much more like a baby jacket.  Rather a small baby jacket admittedly but more on that another day.

Today I need your suggestions.  I have an ipod touch (because I am a very lucky girl who’s husband spoils her rotten) and I love it for (a) holding all of my audio books at once, and (b) letting me surf ravelry in bed.  However, I’ve yet to dip my toe in the water of apps and I’d like to give it a whirl to fully satiate my inner gadget-aholic.

So far I’ve downloaded Stitchminder and Knitminder Lite (because they were both free and knitting related) but I what I want to know from anyone who has anything else that takes apps – what are the ones you use the most, and what would you recommend?

Doesn’t have to be knitting related and my only condition is that I’ll get limited use out of anything that needs an internet connection to be fully functional because I generally only have internet on it at home.

Thank you friendly peeps!

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  • Caroline M 15/06/2010 at 8:00 am

    Don’t ask me, the luddite. I know there’s a spinning one and my son would recommend Angry Birds.

  • Mary 15/06/2010 at 9:44 am

    I’ve got an Android-based phone and don’t know how many of my apps are available via Apple…

    Here’s my favourite two offline things that I think you’ll like.

    Have a search for “offline news readers”. These work on the basis that text-content is tiny in data terms and therefore the computer can download it much faster than a human can read it. You connect it to the internet for a short time while you are at home, and it downloads all the content for your specified sites – like maybe all the news stories currently on the BBC news homepage. You can then browse the content offline, like a web page, but without needing an internet connection. Next day you overwrite it with the next day’s news. Some of them can be set up for blogs as well – have it download while you’re in the shower, and then it’s all stored locally on your phone for instant access while you’re out and about.

    The other offline thing I love is Stickynotes. The icon on your desktop looks much like a post-it note and you give it a title – “shopping list”, “to do”, “notes”, you can have as many as you like. Tap it and it opens a little no-frills text file and you can just jot down whatever it is you are supposed to Not Forget, and you can delete things off as they are done.

  • Little Miss Adventure 16/06/2010 at 1:47 am

    Angry Birds is awesome. Also like Doodle Jump and Sonic The Hedgehog. Boy and I both have Trivial Pursuits we can play against each other using wifi.

    The free generic Facebook and Twitter apps are handy if you’re posting from the iPod. ‘Duo’ lets me post updates to both at the same time.

    ‘Big Day’ is a silly fun app which lets you count down to, or from events, e.g. I’ve been in Antarctica for 199 days, and it is 122 days until we next see new faces (or fresh food!).

    Boy likes Omnifocus for organising To Do lists, but I prefer my Filofax for that kind of thing

    Pondering a crossword solving app which lets you fill in the letters you have, then makes suggestions, but am having an ethical debate with myself about it.

    Click on the ‘Categories’ tab at the bottom of the screen and just have a look through the categories that interest you. There is an iBake Cupcakes app that I am going to get when I get back to the real world which has 50 recipes. There are apps for pregnancy (not sure what they do though!) which might be interesting.

    Have fun with it! I love mine, it is like a pocket-sized slice of reality.

    Take care,


  • erasmus (aka jiva) 19/06/2010 at 10:00 am

    I have the iphone but tend not to use 3g too much. I love crush the castle. Lion brand do an app for knitting patterns best used on wireless. RHS do a grow your own helper app.
    useful apps are: dual level a spirit level, phone aid for first aid, UK numbers to find where someone is calling from the code, sound level if you’re in a noisy environment, a conversion app for all weights length and size conversions.
    I have a ton of games:
    sudokus, where’s wally, scrabble, lock & roll dice game, mancala, solitaire cards and many more 🙂 I spend ages on the app store looking for anything good and free. Good hunting!