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I’m feeling tres bien Francais this morning after my little trip to Warwick for quilty essentials included a detour around the market and I re-discovered the wonderful French bread stall. There’s something eternally optimistic about strolling through town on a wonderfully sunny morning with a properly wonky baguette sticking out of your bag. All I’m really missing is a slice of brie to go with it; I’m seriously craving brie this morning and there’s nothing to be done but grin and bear it until September – I promise you now that one of my first non-pregnant meals is going to include brie, stilton and pate – yum!

Actually I can’t complain – the baguette is perfect, and in very great danger of disappearing rapidly under cover of butter and some marmalade made by a colleague as my Christmas present!

And speaking of cravings ….

Well I’m still running the pineapple and olives combination (and completely failing to see why no-one else thinks that’s delicious – seriously, you should try it, it’s really nice), and so the bear has an olive hat and I have intentions towards a pineapple hat, but the other repetitive craving as defined by H (something Carie eats a lot of, I buy a lot of to treat her, and then it all sits in the kitchen cupboard) has been licorice, and licorice allsorts in particular.

Well what should the dedicated knitting Mummy do but this:

April 215

It’s the Olive You hat pattern but knit on 4mm needles with Rowan Baby Cashsoft DK in Horseradish, Baby Cashmerino in black and the orange is Mission Falls 136.

As you can see, I knit this in the couple of days we spent in Cumbria, and I would have a picture of the hat with matching allsort, but you’re going to have to trust me when I tell you that it is exactly the same colour as the Co-op allsorts because sadly by the time I’d finished the hat, the allsorts were all gone (apart from the pink and blue little round ones that are all covered with sugar dots like hundreds and thousands, I’ve never liked those and pregnancy hasn’t made any difference there).

Instead, we have more Cumbrian backdrop – I miss it.
April 220

The hat is roughly sized for 0-6 months, I’m hoping it will fit for the end of October (roughly 2 months old) because it seems to be a good colour for Halloween. I might even manage to knit a matching jacket given how much yarn I have left over from the hats but that needs a bit more thought.

This week, in honour of some impending birthdays, my knitting has become blog-shy – just too many family and friends have been known to drop in from time to time for me to be willing to spoil this surprise – it’s all on Ravelry though and currently blocking up in the baby’s room (which still looks most decidedly like our spare room!).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the sunshine continues all weekend because I have some quilting and binding and generally playing with fabric to do – have fun one and all.

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  • mandycharlie 01/05/2010 at 5:45 pm

    Oooh that does look like a very good choice for Halloween. And I do love the backdrop, such a pretty hotel.